Miniature Body Landscapes by Allan Teger

Allan Teger is an american photographer from Florida. Today we’re featuring a serie where he mixes the child side of playing with miniature toys, with the adult body. Thanks to a little bit of imagination, and some technique, it becomes really easy to transform a body into a fishing like, a golf green or a lover park.


Flowers in Progress: Scientific IllustratorNoel Badges  Pugh 

tumblr/ Facebook / Behance

Scientific illustrator and artist Noel Badges Pugh has an incredible knack for drawing flora and fauna. He recently illustrated an entire field guide about bees and keeps a regular Tumblr, Art in Progress & Completion, where he posts these tantalizing drawings of buds and blooms. Maybe it’s because this is the coldest winter in 30 years, but I’m spending the rest of my day looking at these

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Optical Illusion Portraits by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan


The beauty of mystery.” Art of Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle was born in Lehighton, Pennsylvania in 1978.  He studied painting at Kutztown University mostly under George Sorrels, who was taught by a pupil of the 19th century Academic painter, William Adolphe Bougereau.   His minimal palette is inspired by the grisailles of early European masters and the haunting quality of antique photographs and daguerreotypes. The surfaces of these oil paintings are embellished with genuine gold and silver leaf. These precious metals are used as symbolic elements as well as visual instruments to interact with viewer’s movements and environment. As a decorative painter in his mid twenties, he leafed entire walls in copper.  Beguiled by the shifting, life-like nature of the surfaces, Brad began to incorporate gilding in his work, which provided the surreal quality he had been looking for to convey his moody, romantic ideas of human nature and ritual.

Fragmented Sculptures Convey Powerful Strength

Edge Sculpture website

This striking collection of contemporary sculptures is filled with a powerful strength conveyed through dramatic gestures and unique forms. Entitled Edge Sculpture, the collection was designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley, the Creative Director of Robert Harrop Designs. The series includes a variety of animals, humans, and mythical creatures ranging from a Cobra to a penguin, a dragon, a unicorn, and a warrior.


Ingenious  sculptures of Young- Deok Seo

I have the pleasure today of introducing to you this young and very talented Korean artist, Young- Deok Seo and his project Dystopia- Bacteria are us. In which he uses bicycle chains to create his almost human forms. Through his sculptors he tells a story, his concern for body for mankind and this is interpreted in the movements, expressions and posture that he has been able to transfer to his work. If this in itself is not enough to convince you, then lets us take a look at the material that he uses.”


“Showcase” - By  Fran Carneros


Charcoal and graphite drawings by Hong Chun Zhang.

Born and grown up in China, Hong Chung Zhang comes from a family made of artists. After studying paintin in China, she moved to USA to continue her Fine Arts studies. Now she lives in Kansas with his husband and daughter.

She works with different medias, from charcoal to graphite to oil painting, for her iperrealistic hair subjects.